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Oncology MDs/ Oncologist serving Dekalb, IL

  • Continue to admit my patients to Kish if needbe.
  • Use Radiology services at Kish
  • Use Radiation therapy services by Dr Bhate
  • Will see consultations daily at Kish​
  • Work closely with all former Dekalb Clinic physicians and independent physicians alike.

My practice is in Dekalb at 3301 Resource Parkway.

Call (815) 862- 3489 to move their appointments to the new office.​

Sabet Siddiqui, MD

Hematology/ Oncology

We have a hood for chemotherapy mixing and get chemo and non-chemo medicines from national vendors

  • Cancer Consult in Dekalb
  • second opinion in Dekalb
  • Cancer Consult second opinion

Infusion Center

We have a state of the art Infusion Center to deliver chemotherapy in a safe and comfortable environment with private cubicles and personalized care and in comfortable massage chairs. 

In-house lab for CBCs, Chemistries, Urinalysis.


We accept most private Medicare and most private insurance plans. 

New Patients

All new patients receive a one-hour consult. Close co-ordination with all Kish physicians.

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Oncology for the Dekalb, IL, Area

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