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Attend an open house for patients (11 am to 1pm) and register

Open House for May 28 was cancelled for parking lot sealcoating

June 4, 11 and 12, 2016

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Oncology MDs, Inc

3301 Resource Parkway,

Unit 5

​(Opp. Bethany Healthcare)

Dekalb, IL. 60115

Phone: (815) 862-3489

​Fax: (815) 862-3490

Oncology for the Dekalb, IL, Area

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Call Us:  (815) 862-3489

I am moving my practice to a new location in Dekalb at 3301 Resource Parkway, starting June 11, 2016

All my patients should call (815) 862- 3489 to move their appointments to the new office.​ I am accepting patients who have seen Dr Shaikh as well (as he is moving his practice out of town)

We have a state of the art Infusion Center to deliver chemotherapy in a safe and comfortable environment with private cubicles and personalized care and in comfortable massage chairs. 

We accept most private Medicare and most private insurance plans. 

(We do not take Medicaid)

New Patients

Oncology MDs/ Oncologist serving Dekalb, IL

We have a hood for chemotherapy mixing and get chemo and non-chemo medicines from national vendors

In-house lab for CBCs, Chemistries, Urinanalysis.


All new patients receive a one-hour consult. Close co-ordination with all Kish and Northwestern physicians.

Sabet Siddiqui, MD

Hematology/ Oncology

Infusion Center

  • Continue to admit my patients to Kish if needbe.
  • Use Radiology services at Kish
  • Use Radiation therapy services by Dr Bhate
  • Will see consultations daily at Kish​
  • Work closely with all former Dekalb Clinic physicians and independent physicians alike.
  • Cancer Consult in Dekalb
  • second opinion in Dekalb
  • Cancer Consult second opinion